LOTF Important Techniques

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Techniques and Effects

This is the most annoying to learn for me and the hardest to research. It's the reference to the structures of language used by the author and how it affects the reader. However, I am making a database of as many techniques authors put into their writing and try and find the possible effects of them.

  • Repetition - Used for emphasis; builds tension
  • Short sentences - Also used for emphasis; makes tension; suspense


Although it's not a technique in the sense above, it is a very important thing to remember. The use of symbolism is used all the time in real life and should be used and touched upon as much as possible in analysis of literature. It develops the analysis of your point by delivering the exact meaning. For example, if you were to say "I am depressed", different people could interpret that differently as there are many limitations. However, use symbolism - "I feel as if a heavy weight is pressing in on me" - and people's imagination and/or past experiences can develop the point.

+1 Quote

Many people will have been given a paragraph structure that goes along the lines of:

Point Quote Analysis

I for one HATE IT. I've used it so many times and I STILL get a B/A grade. Well, I know now that, although this structure should still be used, another technique must be used aswell. The Quote. It seems like the structure wants it to go directly between the Point and the Analysis. However, this makes your work sounds FALSE and BORING. Therefore, wadda you do? Well, stick quotes in


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