Lord of The Flies; Themes (with Quotes)

Here are some notes on the key themes from LOTF. hope it helps. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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Civilisation and Barabity

Placed in this unusual situation the boys start to loose the civilised roots...

" They were lifted up: were friends" (page 27) - Unified and civilised all working together for a common goal.

" The maddness came into his eyes him"(Page 51) - he has become obbsessed with the hunt and the trophies. This is what he feels is important and is all he care about.

"******** to the rules" (Page 99)- The tipping point rules are no longer obeyed as Jack relenquishes them. He no longer respects or feels obliged to adhere to them.

"Use a littleun...Everybody laughed" (page 126)Jack is deviant he doesn't feel remorse or guilt and the idea of killing is inconsequential - This is barbaric

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The strongest initial emtion is Fear, mostly the fear of the unknown.

(Page 35) "He says he saw the beastie, the snake-thing, and it will come back to-night"- THe littluns build up the idea of the beast becuase they are scared of strange noises in the dark. These are dismissed and only little children with little childrens' fears.

In Chapter 5 -> Ralph declares all the fear to be nonsense.

  • Littuns who are frigtened and cream in the night. "cry babies"
  • Piggy, sensibilty, doctors ,scientific & frightened of people. Are people inheritly evil ?
  • Jack the hunter who symbolises bravery.
  • Dreams/ Nightmares.
  • Piggy is the only one who can reationalise fear.
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Power & Leadership

Power and Leadership, also known as crowd mentality is a important theme throughout the book, it is used to represent what is happening to the boys.

(Page 21) "The three of them fell into step" -> Jack, Simon and Ralph are unified just wanting to innocently explore.

(Page 24) " The solemn communication of shining eys in the gloom" -> Taking the situation seriously but inside they are excited and happy.

(Page 42) " the conch doesn't count up here on the top of the mountain" -> Jack is undermining Ralph's authority and sneering at Piggy. Shows how Jack is working to his own agenda.

The conch is a constant symbol of power. " You shut up" "I got the conch". Even when piggy has the conch he does not recieve as much respect as Jack.

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Power & Leadership Continued

(Page 52) " They were both red in the face and found looking at each other difficult" -> The relationship is breaking down they both have the own agenda and own ideas of necessity.

(Page 56) " They looked at each other baffled in love and hate" -> They are too young to understand thier emotions and don't know how to control them.

Chapter 5- Ralph holds an assembly and has main points- is definatly in charge

"I'm calling a meeting even if we have to go into the dark. Down on the platform when i blow it. Now.."

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(Page 9) " swathing morages that were wrestling with the brilliance of the lagoon"-> so ver hot almost soporific, heat is overtaking them.

(Page 11) "in colour the shell was a dreamy cream... a conch; ever so expensive"-> it turns from a desirable plaything to a symbol of power and leasdership. (Page 12) " Have a meeting, they'll come when they hear us".

(Page 22)"Like icing, on a pink cake" _> beautiful, idyllic location, that is making them excited to explore. The boys are unified in awe.

(Page 152) " There were no shadows under the trees but everywhere a pearly stillness"-> Forshadowing.

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(Page 62) " They had built castles" -> Younger boys playing on the beach

(Page 79) " pretended to beat him. As tey danced, they sang 'Kill the Pig, Cut her Throat, Bash her in'"-> This is a game to the boys they don't understand that this is the beginnings of barbaricy.

(Page 118)" This would make a wizard fort...'We can roll rocks'"-> Children always want to play, whatever the situation. thye'd rather not be here.

(Page 167) "Rain dance"-> Tribal. Indicater. Frenzy

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Good Vs. Evil

Throughout the book the boys are constantly having to choose whether to choose good or evil. Personified by Ralph, Piggy and Simon (Good) & Jack (evil)

(Page 29) " i was choosing a place" _> Currenlty can't kill the pig, de to society conditioning..

  • Goodness/Evil
  • Altruism/Selfishness
  • Jesus/Satan
  • Sense/Foolsihness
  • Lightness/Darkness
  • Reason/Anarchy
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Power & Authority

" ******** to the rules" (Page 99)

"********" to these boys this would be particularly rude beacuse by saying this Jack is being very sure of himslef and surely poinient.

"******** to the rules" The tipping point of civilisation. Jack relenquishes the rules, deciding that they are no longe needed and therefore Civilisation has, for Jack, broken down. Ralph and Piggy know that they shouldn't do this whereas the other don't realise quite what this statement symbolises.

When Jack says "******** to the rules" it is the point which Jack realises that he no longer has to conform to societies pressures , no rules need to be obeyed becuase there is no one he respects or belives to be authoritarian left. He also starts to do this to shows Ralph that he will not go under and obey. he is his own person.

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