Local Scale Responses to Climate Change

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LiveSimply Campaign

The Campaign started running in 2007.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage schools to get their students to be more aware of climate change, sustainability and to challenge them to think about how they lived.

 Rescources were provided for schools to help them achieve this.

Some of the ideas in the campaign were to get children to walk to school - this would reduce the use of fossil fuels in cars, which is the main contibutor to climate change. Also, schools were encouraged to install wind turbines because this reduces electricity consumption, therefore reducing the demand for fossil fuels.


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Manchester is my Planet Campaign

Manchester is my Planet ran in 2005.

It's aim was to help people reduce their carbon footprint and to encourage them to get involved in green energy projects.

20 000 people have pledged to a low carbon future.

One initiative in the campaign was the Green Badge Parking Permit (GBPP). This encouraged people to buy low carbon cars because then they would be able to apply for a GBPP with a 25% discount. The GBPP allows them to park in all NCP car parks in Greater Manchester. The aim behind this was to reduce carbon emissions from cars therefore reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, which adds to the greenhouse effect.

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Local Councils

Local councils play a huge part in influencing home owners, therefore they are an extremely important part in cutting the UK's emissions by 20% by 2020.

Since April 2008 cutting emissions has been local councils targets and the Government has given them £4million to help.

The changes can be as simply as providing energy saving light bulbs to Woking Borough's central heat and power system (CHP).

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