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Impact Of Urban Growth

Positive Impacts Of Urban Growth- Works positively with the community by creating jobs, technology and productivity, which increases the standard of living. When the community grows so do the buildings like homes, shops, work places etc. As a result, residential and commercial real estate costs become more affordable for the home buyer or entrepreneur, resulting in a generally lower cost of living.

Negative Impacts Of Urban Growth- As our big cities have grown to accommodate people's needs, suburbs have moved outwards, creating what is known as 'urban sprawl'. This process means that the natural environment suffers, as more space is needed for the construction of houses and the developments. As more ecosystems are disrupted and habitats are destroyed, urban growth leads to an even greater decrease in the plants and animals surrounding the cities. As ecosystems are destroyed a range of problems develop around the issue of effective waste management, such as sewage. Large urban areas also tend to attract crime, cause pollution and have traffic. Additionally, if urban areas are taking over rural areas then there tends to be economic impacts as well. Further - in the long term a decrease in rural farmland decreases a nation's farming base. 

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Ageing Population

Tend to live more in the countryside- Rural

  • Lower living costs
  • Less crime
  • More of a community feel
  • More freedom
  • Feeling of safety
  • Scenery
  • Slower pace of life
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Retirement Villages

  • Attractive on location
  • Often on the coast or edge of national parks
  • Retired people 'downsize' their home and move here when they retire. 
  • Most locations are accessible areas close to towns
  • Have a stable, but aged population
  • Often have 20/30 years of retirement
  • Example- Cornwall/ Devon
  • More older because of good health care services
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