Lincoln and Republican Triumph (1858-1860)


Lincoln's Political Career

  • Poor Farmer's son
  • Educates himself 
  • Grows up in Ohio River Valley
  • Lawyer, Politician 
  • Dexterous Politician 
  • Free Soiler: no slavery in territories, canals, railroads, education, banks
  • Drawn into politics again with Kansas-Nebraska Act 
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Election of 185-

  • Rep take House of Reps
    • divides S. 
  • Dems 1859
    • John Brown raids 
    • Harpers Ferry 
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Election of 1860

2 Elections: 

North: Repub vs. N. Demo 

(Lincoln vs. Douglas)

South: Con. Union vs. S. Demo (Bell vs. Breckinridge)

Outcome: Lincoln wins with ZERO Southern electoral votes 

Secession Winter (Nov 1860-March 1861)

Deep South-secede immediately. 

Buchanan's Response - 

Secession is illegal, but fed. 

Gov't can't act to stop it. 

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The Crittenden Compromise

  • Proposal to permanently enshrine slavery in the US 

Constitution, and thereby make it unconstitutional for future 

Congress to end slavery. 

December 1860  

Lincoln's  Inauguration (March 1861)

  • 3 Principles: 
    • Protect slavery where it exists, prevent expansion. 
    • Union is perpetual, secession is illegal. 
    • I will hold federal territory in seceded states and if needed, will
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