Limestone Keywords.

These cards are basically a description of the Limestone features

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Carboniferous Limestone.


Is a type of Limestone that forms in highest upland areas.

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Process of Solution.


Is when rain falls through the atmosphere and absorbs the carbon dioxide, when it reaches limestone the acid in the raindrops start to dissolve the calcium carbonate and this removes its solution.

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Chemical Wheathering.


Is a type of erosion.

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Means it won't allow water to pass through it.

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Are verticle cracks in limestone pavement.

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Bedding Planes.


Are horizontal cracks in limstone pavements.

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Calcium carbonate.


Limestone is made up of this.

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Limestone pavement.


Are big huge brick like boulders that are jagged and rough.

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A Clint.


Is a Limestone pavement blocks.

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A Grike.


Is an Enlarged limestone pavement cracks.

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A Swallow Hole.


Is where the stream disappears down a pothole and you can not see the hole.

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