Liberal reforms

Explaining Liberal reforms, details i might need to know. 

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Seebohm Rowntree

Seebohm Rontree discovered in 1901 28% of the nation being in poverty at somepoint in there lives. They were most vunerable to this when;

  • Young child
  • Old age
  • Unemployed/sick 
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3 Reforms

The labour goverment set up with David Lloyd George chancellor of the echequer and introduced 3 reforms these were;

  • Children 
  • Old age
  • Workers
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1906- Free school meals!

1908-children and young persons act this was for

  • Sever punishments for neglecting or treating your child badly!
  • Made illegal to see Children Cigarettes and sent out begging. 
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Old age

1908-Pensions were introduced for OVER 70'S 

  • 5 Shillings a week 
  • 7 Shillings a week if married! 
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1909- Labour exchanged were set up to help the unemployed find jobs!

1911-National insurance act was passed! 

  • Gave people free medical treatment

1911- workers got sick pay 

  • 10 shillings a week for 26 weeks! (In return of 4d a week)
  • Gave people the right for unemployment pay. 
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David Lloyd George's budget

David Lloyd George decided to hit the Wealthy people with a "Budget" he decided to put taxes on things.

(super tax

Income tax

Luxury tax)

David Lloyd George though the rich had a duty to help the poor. 

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Liberals abandoning laissez faire


To win votes and stay in power

  • help the poor 
  • Political survival
  • Worried about the labour party taking over 

The armed forces 

  • Soldiers got turned down because they were to unwell 
  • For the Boer war in Manchester 1:3 soldiers got turned down.

Idealists withthin the labour party

  • Winston Churchill wanted fame. 
  • Lloyd George thought the rich had a duty to help the poor. 
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