liberal reforms


what did the Liberal reforms actually do?

reforms for children. school meals act pof 1906 - children got a free meal for the poor.

free medical checks in 1907- in 1912 necessary treatment made free.

old age pensions.

  • old age pensions act 1908
  • gave 5s a week to poor old people.
  • it was known as a present


  • labour exchange(job centres) act of 1909
  • first ones set up in 1910 and 400 of them in 1914
  • 1909 trade board act tried to tackle low wages - minimum rates of pay introduced

national insurance (helping unemployed)

  • health insurance. emplee, employer and govt contributed, paid 10s for 16 weeks.
  • unemployment insurance  DID NOT help all workers just seasonal unemployed,claim 7s for 15 weeks. paid out at labour exchange.
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poverty studies


  • sutudies in London
  • 30% of population below poverty line.
  • a family of 5 earnt around less than £1 a week.
  • main causes: sickness, old age, unemployment,large families, low wages.
  • most poor people weren't responsable for their poverty.


  • studies in York.
  • 30%of population below poverty line
  • living with less than £1 a week.
  • poor law at the time no good for dealing with the causes
  • recruits for the boer war in 1899_ 40% un able to fight they were undernurised

1906= liberal refoms.

Welfare state- system of helping people.

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successful/ limited in success in tackling poverty


  • revolutionary idea.
  • protecting and treating children differetnly. became more important.
  • free school meals and free medical health checks (free treatment from 1912)
  • OAPs given genuine financial support
  • labour exchanges help finding work
  • health + unemployment insurance helped in times of need. employer, employee + govt had to contribute.

limited in success

  • poverty still existed on a huge scale
  • family incomes relied heavily upon child labour
  • not always popular- tax payer had to pay for them+ people would discourage from saving their pension.
  • financial cost was huge.
  • health insurance compulsary. people on low pay struggled to pay for something they may never use. didint cover everything- you paid for medicines.
  • unemployment insurance didnt cover most workers. only lasted for 15 weeks.
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