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What was the impact of WW1 on Germany?

  • 2 million troops dead
  • Over 4 million wounded
  • Gov. debts increased - 50 billion marks to 150 billion marks 
  • Over 750,000 Germans dead from food shortages 
  • Catastrophic Effects of the War left people no option but to revolt- riots & strikes
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The abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II

9 November 1918

  • Kaiser visited army Headquarters in Spa
  • Minister tried to persuade him to abdicate
  • He refused
  • Army officers refused to support him 
  • Kaiser no option but to abdicate 

10 November 1918

  • He fled to Holland
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Revolution & declaration of the Republic

  • Once Kaiser abdicated, Germany became the German Republic on the 9th November 1918
  • On the 10th, Friedrich Evert suspended the old Reichstag 
  • He formed the Council of People's representatives temporarily 
  • Berlin Streets crowded , some people armed, hoping to take over parts of the city
  • Philipp Scheidemann of SDP (Social Democratic Party) larget party of the Reichstag (German gov.) declared Germany a republic to the crowds, fearful that armed rioters were perparing to declare a communist gov in Berlin 
  • Revolutionary period continued until August 1919, when Weimar Republic finally established 
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The armistice -peace agreement between Allies and

  • Signed on 11 November 1918
  • First Major decision of Ebert's new republic 
  • The terms of the treaty, Treaty of Versailles became a huge burden for the country
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Consequences: Why did the End of WW1 lead to econo

  • The Kaiser-/emperor abdicated - The Kaiser before had been in absolute power over foreign policies. Chancellor and head of armed forces. It was unclear in Germany who was next in power. 
  • Communists armed rioters were hoping to declare Germany with a communist gov. 
  • The old gov. (Reichstag) suspended
  • Gov. debts increased dramatically causing economic problems - 50 billion marks to 150 billion marks 
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