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Verb Endings

Present Tense Endings:

  • o- I 
  • s- You (singular)
  • t- He/she/it
  • mus- We
  • tis- You (plural)
  • nt- They

The present tense is when a verb is in the present, it is happening now.

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Verb Endings

Imperfect Tense Endings:

  • bam- I
  • bas- You (singular)
  • bat- He/she/it
  • bamus- We
  • batis- You (plural)
  • bant- They

The imperfect tense is when a verb is in the past, it has already happened. We use words like was/ were/ ing...

e.g. He was sitting (or) We were sitting

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Verb Endings

Perfect Verb Endings:

  • i- I 
  • isti- You (singular)
  • i- He/she/it
  • imus- We
  • istis- You (plural)
  • erunt- They

The perfect tense usually shows that someone has done or did something. We use words like have/have/ed...

e.g he has watched (or) he watched

These endings are added to what is called the perfect stem.

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