Latin Verbs: Present Tense

2nd conjunction (-ere) f/m

-ere      (Infinitive)                - habere        (To have)

-eo          (1st person singular)     - habeo              (I have)

-es          (2nd person singular)    - habes              (You have)

-et           (3rd person singular)     - habet               (He/She has)

-emus     (1st person plural)         - habemus         (We have)

-etis        (2nd person plural)        - habetis            (You[s] have)

-ent         (3rd person plural)         - habent            (They have)

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3rd conjunction (-ere) f/m

-ere     (Infinitive)               - bibere   (To drink)

-o           (1st person singular)   - bib         (I drink)

-is          (2nd person singular)  - bibis         (You drink)

-it           (3rd person singular)   - bibit          (He/She drinks)

-imus     (1st person plural)       - bibimus    (We drink)

-itis        (2nd person plural)      - bibitis       (You[s] drink)

-unt       (3rd person plural)        - bibunt      (They drink)

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4th conjunction (-ire)

-ire      (Infinitive)              - audire      (To hear)

-io          (1st person singular)    - audio          (I hear)

-is          (2nd person singular)   - audis          (You hear)

-it           (3rd person singular)   - audit            (He/She hears)

-imus     (1st person plural)       - audimus      (We hear)

-itis        (2nd person plural)      - auditis         (You[s] hear)

-iunt      (3rd person plural)       - audiunt        (They hear)

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