Language Terminology

Revision for words and phrases used in advanced english terminology

Linguistic Features

Pronoun-Direct address in nouns (eg. I am sick of this revision. You are boring me to death. It drives us insane. Who writes this garbage?)

Past Participle- Alternative to past verb (eg. did-done, ate-eaten, wrote-written) These go in multiple tense sentances (eg. It will be done! What have you seen!)

Adverb- Describes a verb, adjectives or other adverbs (eg. They acted extemely swiftly. Rebels were often executed. He was incredibly ruthless and killed very gruesomely)

Reflexive Pronouns- Pronoun directed to oneself (eg. I protect myself with weaponproof armour. You see yourself as a ruler. They killed themselves for their failure)

Proverb- Word that stands in place of forementioned verb (eg. If I cannot rule then no-one else can! He expanded his territories as did his enemies. Will you answer our request-I already have!

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