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key word 6

  • Your breathing system gets oxygen into your bloodand removes carbon dioxide.
  • When you breath in the air goes down the windpipe and into your lungs.
  • Breathing ventilation is the moving of air when you breathe
  • Inside the lungs are thousands of air sacs, which contain yiny pockets called alveoli. these are surrounded by blood vessels called capillaries. 
  • Gas exchange happens in the lungs when oxygen in the air diffuses into the blood. and carbon doixide from the the blood plasma diffuses into the air into the lungs.
  • The lungs are adapted for fast gas exchange.
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key words 6 continued

  • alevoli and cappillaries have thin walls.
  • mucus is produced by cells in the tubes in the lungs, it traps bits of dirt and cilia (tiny hairs) move it upwards so it can be swallowed.
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