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  • Acrylic
    • Source
      • Non renewable
      • Inexpensive to manuyfacture
      • sourced from petro chemicals
      • staple fibresw
      • can be spun as fibres
    • properties
      • Low Absorbency, fast dryin, prone to static
      • Thermoplastic, sensitive to steam and heat and can shrink.
      • Non renewable
    • End uses
      • Linning, Pile, Fake fur, Fleece fabrics
      • Micro-fibre performance fabrics
      • fluffy knitting yarn- novelty budget jumpers
      • Blankets, curtains, Upholstery
    • After care
      • Can be dry cleaned
      • do not bleach
      • Machine washable, Iron with care.
      • Do not tumble dry
      • Cool iron
      • sensitive to steam and heat- can shrink
    • Blends
      • wool or viscose for winter fabrics
      • polyester
      • Ethane
      • Cotton, Linen or Silk for summer clothing


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