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Active Life

    the     life     lived     by     religious     orders     who     work     in     society     as well     as     praying    

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    voluntary     giving     to     those     in     need

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Contemplative Life

    the     life     of     prayer     and     meditation     lived     by     some     religious     orders     

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Displaying Religion

    making     a     show     of     your     religion,     for      example,     by     praying     in     the     streets 

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The Evangelical Counsels

    the     vows     of     poverty,     chastity     and     obedience

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Holy Orders

    the     status     of     a     Priest,     Bishop     or     Deacon

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    a     person     who     acts     in     a     way     that     contradicts     what     they say    

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The Law Of Moses

    the     laws     God     gave     to     Moses     in     the     Old     Testaments

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The Monastic Life

    living     as     a     monk     or     nun     in     a     religious     community     

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Religious Community

a     religious     order     who     live     together     as     a     group,     for     example,     Benedictines

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The Sermon on the Mount

    Jesus'     description     of     Christian     living

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    a     call     from     God     to     lead     the     Christian     life

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