Key Quotes- Rossetti

Key Quotes- Cousin Kate, Maude Clare, Jessie Cameron, Goblin Market

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Cousin Kate

'Hardened by sun and air'

'Why did a great lord find me out'

'To lead a shameless shameful life'

'He wore me like a silken knot'

'Who might have been a dove'

'Chose you and cast me by'

'To sit with him on high'

'Even so I sit and howl in dust/You sit in gold and sing'

'My fair haired son, my shame, my pride'

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Maude Clare

'His bride was like a village maid/Maude Clare was like a queen'

'But he was not so pale as you'

'Lo, I have brought my gift, my lord'

'That day we waded ankle-deep/For lilies in the beck'

'The lilies are budding now'

'Take my share of a fickle heart'

'I wash my hands thereof'

'For he's my lord for better and worse'

'More wise and much more fair'

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Jessie Cameron

'Jessie, Jessie Cameron'

'Day was verging toward the night... Dimness overtook the light'

'She was a careless, fearless girl'

'Go you your way, and let me go/Just my own free way'

'They stood almost in sight of home'

'They two alone'

'His patience almost gone'

'And pride'

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Jessie Cameron

'But would not fly'

'Yet he had gone through fire and flood'

'Some say'

'She should have hastened to her home/While yet the west was flushed with fire'

'No more again'

'Utterly out of reach'

'Jessie she comes home no more'

'No way to go'

'Which might be hand or hair'

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Goblin Market

'Come buy'

'Taste them and try'

'She heard a voice like the voice of doves'

'She dropp'd a tear more rare than pearl'

'How she met them in the moonlight'

'Piled on a dish of gold'

'Talk'd as modest maidens should'

'Then if we lost our way what should we do?'

'But put a silver penny in her purse'

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Goblin Market

'There look were evil'

'Like a lily... rock... beacon'

'Lizzie utter'd not a word'

'...have you tasted/For my sake the fruit forbidden?'

'She fell at last...Is it death or is it life?/Life out of death'

'To cheer... fetch... lift... strengthen'

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great. but you need to explain them otherwise their like blank quotes on a page :/

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