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Personal struggle of every Muslim to follow teachings of Islam + resist evil

Sometimes- physical battle against enemies of Islam + willingness to accept martyrdom asultimate submission to Allah.

Physical fighting- not main meaning of Jihad- most of all- lifestyle following example of Muhammad in good conduct + in struggle against evil

Establish Islamic system of life to fulfil + gain Allah's favour

Islam-Peace-practical, peace-loving religion

Muslims-not pacifists- all ways of disputes should be tried before resorting to physical violence.

Muhammad taught followers to defend Islam + led his followers into battle

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A war is not Jihad if:

War is declared by a political rather than a religious leader

An individual declares war without support of Muslim community

The war is aggressive not defensive

The purpose is to gain land/power/force conversion to Islam

Peaceful alternatives have not been tried first

Innocent women + children are exposed to physical danger

trees/crops/animals have not been protected

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i like this thanks it has helped alot



i like this thanks it has helped alot

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