2.2.11 - Jihad

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  • 2.2.11 - Jihad
    • Greater Jihad
      • Strive to follow 'the straight path'and please Allah
      • Learning to be obedient to Allah
      • Live an increasingly faithful life
      • Reward will be paradise after death
      • To achieve must overcome negative qualities [this is greater jihad]
      • Munkar = striving against doing wrong
      • Maruf = seeking to do God
      • Essential, more important than lesser jihad
    • Lesser Jihad
      • Creating a good and fair Muslim society
      • Some believe include holy war
      • If lesser jihad a form of war, should be defensive or against an unjust regime
      • Kharijites added jihad to the 5 pillars of Islam to make 6
        • Seen in extreme Muslim groups
          • Use Jihad as justification for killing or using violence against 'kafir' [non-muslim]
          • Use violence as believe that C and jewish society are trying to destroy Islam
            • Most disagree
    • Jihad = 'striving'
    • Greater Jihad = the inner struggle to control bad desires and intentions
    • Lesser Jihad = outer struggle, often linked with military struggle


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