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Define Tzedekah

Duty of Jews to do charitable work

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Define Tephillin

Small boxes strapped to the head and arms during prayer which contain the Shema

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Define kiddushin

Jewish marriage ceremony

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What is the Tenakh?

Jewish Scripture containing three sections called the Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim

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Define covenant

Sacred promise made between God and Jews

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Who is the Mohel?

Person who carries out circumcision

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Define Shabbat

Holy day of rest for Jews, Friday sunset to Saturday sunset

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Define Tallit

Prayer shawl worn in synagogue

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Define Beth Knesset

Another name for synagogue - house of meeting

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Define Shul

Another name for synagogue meaning school

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Define Kittel

Plain white garment Jews are buried in - represents equality

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Define talmud

Companion book to Torah, used to help interpret the laws, almost like a revision guide

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Define Ner Tamid

Everlasting Light - lamp always lit in the synagogue

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Define Beth Midrash

Another name for synagogue, house of learning

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Define Bimah

Platform where the torah is read from

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Define Shiva

7 day mourning period

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Define Ketubah

Jewish marriage contract, displayed on couples wall

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Define Chuppah

Canopy where couple get married

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Define Cantor

Singer at religous services

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Define Kashrut

basically the same as Kosher

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Define Shema

Jewish daily prayer

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Define menorah

7 pronged candlestick in the synagogue

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Define Mikveh

ritual bathing pool to make people and objects ritually clean

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Define Schochet

specially trained person who carries out slaughter for kosher meat

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Define Bedecken

Placing of the veil over the brides face at a wedding, so the husband knows he has the right wife

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Define Aron Kadesh/ Ark of the Covenant

Cupboard where the torah scroll is kept

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Define Sandek

Person who holds baby during circumcision 

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Define Tzizit

Fringes work - mitzvot

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Define Schechitah

Ritual killing of animals in the most humane way possible

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