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Photo and Graphics Manipulation Software

Features are:

  • drawing tools that allow you to create shapes, images and vectors.
  • brush tools such as fill to adds colour to graphics
  • cropping tools
  • different filetypes for you to save the image in sch as JPEG or PNG
  • use different functions such as the remove red eye tool or unwanted blemishes from the image
  • cut parts of photos
  • resize photos so it is suitable for different devices
  • add and edit different layers
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Animation Software & Music software

Animation software

  • create different types of animations such as cartoons that can be used on the internet or to be viewed on devvices like smartphones

Music software

  • creates music using sampes from other sound clips or in an instrument simulator
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Input devices - Keyboard

Features      uses

Keyboard - QWERTY layout, recognisable pattern of layout of keys.

has a number pad, typically found on the right side that contains 0 - 9 with maths symbols included

a function bar that perform functions that are pre-programmed into the PC. these can be turning on the wireless connection or altering the brightness ont the display

a set of arrow keys that allow up. down, left and right moveements on the screen

a keyboard is used to enter data / text into the computer system

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Input devices - Mouse


Mice can move in any direction required

There are several types of mouse:

Wired/wireless (wireless can use radio frequency or Bluetooth receiver) mice work through sensors inside the mouse

Optical mouse – uses LED

 Laser mouse – more sensitive

To assist with moving a cursor around the computer screen and selecting menu options and icons. 

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Input devices - Scanner


A beam of light is passed over the information to be captured which is reproduced according to the patterns of the light that make up the information.

Scanners are available as hand-held or flat-bed scanners.

The scanned information can be edited provided there is software that can convert the patterns of light into text. This is known as OCR (optical character recognition).

Scanners are used to enter large amounts of typed information and objects such as pictures into a computer system.

They are useful for entering information that does not need to be altered.

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Input devices - Digital cameras & MIDI Instruments

Digital cameras

A digital camera takes digital photographs.

The photographs can be uploaded to a computer system.

The photographs can be saved onto a memory card inside the camera.

Digital cameras are used to take photographs that can be entered into a computer system.

MIDI Instruments

MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface.

MIDI instruments are used for composing and entering music into a computer system.

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Output devices - Printer


produces a hard copy of your work. this can be held and read, signed in perosn, scanned by a scanner so it is on the computer for future reference.

this method isnt as popular due to the invention and gained popularity of the internet so in an animation company, it is becoming more common to use online software instead of simple paper methods. but however, is still used within companies.

a printers speed is measured in pages per minute (PPM) 

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Output devices - Printer Types


laser uses a drum and dust and when needed to print, the image is magnetise and the n drawn to the paper and then the pattern is burnt into the paper so the image can hold. these can be quiter expensive and come in A3 & A4 size and can print in colour and black. the quality of this printing is very high. the printer itself is very quiet and therefore is very good in work environments as it is quick and quiet.


inkjet works by squirting tiny jets of ink onto the paper itself. It uses the four colours, balck, cyan, yellow and magenta and each image is made up of varying dots of colour.these printers are cheaper to buy but are more expensive to run.

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Output devices - Monitor

A monitor or visual display unit displays the graphics text and vedeo on the screen that the PC itself is sending to it. the screen is made up of thousands of tiny pixels that look like dots. quality can vary depending on how many pixels there are horizontally and vertically on the screen. this is ther resolution. higher the resolution, the higher quality the picture is.

there are two types of monitor:

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

This type of monitor produces the highest quality of music but use of these types of monitors has deceased rapidally since the indroduction of Thin Film Transistor (TFT) screens.

Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

Thin Film Transistor screeens are a type of LCD display which provides a greater picture quality. these types of screens tend to be more poplular as they take up less desk space and are lightwieighteven in large sizes.

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