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The 6 articles of faith - Sunni

TawhidThe oneness of God. Muslims believe there is only 1 God. God is Allah

Predestination - God is responsible for everything \nd has set the destiny to everything. He has written down everything about what has happened and what will ever happen in the universe. This does not take away Free Will

AfterlifeBelief in the fianl judgement and life after death. On the last day there will be a day of judgement, where Muslims will be chosen to go to Heaven of Hell

ProphethoodAdam, Noah, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa. However Muhammad is the greatest Prophet

Holy BooksTells Muslims about how to live their life. (Qur'an, Sunnah, Hadith)

AngelsAngles are made of light, Everyone has 2 angels, one records good deeds the other ecords bad in the book of deeds used to decide where you go on judgement day

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The 5 roots of Shi'a Islam

Tawhid - See Previous Card

ProphethoodSee Previous Card

Justice of GodGod is just and fair. He doesn't do anything wrong and will not tolerate wrong doings.

Ressurection - The day of judgement will bring the ressurection when all humans will be physically raised to life to be judged by God

Imamate - Muhammad was the greatest Prophet. God appointed 12 Imams.

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Nature of Allah

ImmanentClose By

Transcendent - Beyond all things, not limited by nature


Beneficent All Loving

MercifulFair and Just

JudgeOn the last day, God will be our judge

CreatorGod is the begining, he is the cause of what all exists

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Holy Books

The Qur'an

The Sunnah

The Hadith

Shari'ah Law

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How do Holy Books Influence Believers

Muslims respect an honour the Qur'an and use it as a guide on how to love their lives. It teaches them how to treat other people and how to live a good life. They learn it by heart in Arabic, reading and reciting it daily, they take immense care in writing it out, they allow it to guide every action and thought

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Angels are heavenly, immortal creatures. They were God's first creation and made of light

They are God's messengers, the chanels whcih we can be aware of his lawas and his purposes.

They have no free will and are without sin so they are able to enter into God's divine presence. Angels have no knowledge of their own.

Angels are invisible but exist everywhere. They are always in contact with humans especially when someone is praying to God. They have no physical body but they are described in the Qura'n as male and having wings. 

Muslims also believe they have angels with them at all times. They have 2 angels, which sit on either shoulder. One of the angels records the good deeds and the other the bad deeds. Allah will use these to choose weather they go to Heaven or Hell 

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How to Angels Influence Muslims

Muslims feel a sense of awe towards Allah as they believe that the angles allows them to communicate with him at all times.

The angels are the creations of Allah wanting ti communicate with humanity and using the angels to pass messages to Prophets.

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Names of Angels

Jibril: --> The bringer of good news, Mentioned in the Qura'n and Hadith. Angel of Revelation as he played a vital role in communicatig Islam to humanity.

Mika'il: --> The giver of rain, which water the land and helps to provide people with food. He is the the Angel of Mercy as he asks Allah to forgive people of their sins.

Izra'il: --> Has the important role of playing the trumpet twice to signal the start of the Day of Judgement. First Blow = Bring humankind to attention. Second Blow = Bring all humans back to life to be judged. 

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God has eternal knowledge:

God is responsible for all things and that he ahs a divine plan for us all. God has a masterplan, everything that happens has been predestined to take place, its all part of his design. He knows all things in the greatest detail.

He has reasons behind the universe, but that is all aprt of a larger picture. God is all-knowing, his knowledge is complete and perfect. 

God's plan includes suffering, pain and disease. Islam teaches that painful experiences need to be viewed as opportunites for our growth as humans.

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Free Will

We all have free will and God will hold us accountable for our decisions on the day of judgement. We have the ability to choose what is right and what is wrong. God wants us to follow the straight path, but it is up to us to choose the right choices. We need to learn how to turn away from eveil.

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If someone has the intention of a good deed but are unable to do it, it will still be classed as a goos deed

If they indented and carried out the good deed, this is 10 good deeds

If someone intened a bad deed but didn't do it, that is clased a good deed

If someone intends ans carries out the bad deed, that is classed as 1 bad deed.

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Janna and Jahannam

Janna (Heaven): --> Heaven is a stae of joy, happiness and peace. Those who have been blessed by God will go to heaven. This includes people who have have lived faithful and moral lives and those who have worshiped and fought for god. Heaven is a reward for living a good life, so everything that one longs for on earth will be found in paradise. Beautiful gardens, delicious food, gently flowing rivers

Jahannam (Hell): --> Hell is a state of torture and suffering. A place of terror, where the damned will face boiling water, scorching fire and black smoke. They are separeted from God without hope of return

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Key Teachings

"He is with you whereever you are" --> Surah 57:4

"God does not change the condition of a person unlessthey change what is in themselves" --> Surah 13:11

"Each person has angels before him and behind him, watching over God's command" --> Surah 13:11

"The most excellent names belong to God; use them to call on him" --> Surah 7:180

"Misfortunes can oly happen with God's permission" --> Surah 64:11

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