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"Describe the key features of a mosque"

Dome: Allows air to circulate. Amplifies voice of imam.
Minaret: Call to prayer. Muezzin originally did this but now loud speakers can be used.
Star and Cresent: Dome and minaret sometimes have on the top of them. Main symbol of Islam. 5 points on star symbolises 5pillars. Moon and stars are signs to Muslims of the greatness of Allah.
Gardens: Incase mosque is too crowded and hot. Fountains replicate what Allah said are in heaven, symbolise peace. Water can be used to wash if wash room is too crowded.
Prayer Hall: large hall where praying takes place.
Womens worship area: prepare and prayer for worship separately from men. Often a blacony. Area is smaller as fewer women attend.
Washing facilities: washing feet shows respect for Allah and other worshippers - hygeine. Outdoor shoes are removed before entering. Separate washing areas.
Carpeting: prayer mats, sometimes provided. Arch design on it so is directed towards the Ka'bah. This direction is called the qiblah.
Mihrab: alcove on the wall. facing direction of kabblah. Amplifying voice of Imam.
Minbar: 3 steps to raise the imam so they can be seen and heard on the Friday sermon.

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Worship: Prayer

Muslims must declare their belief in Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. Next is salah, ritual prayer 5 TIMES A DAY.
"Verily, I am God; there is no God but I; therefore serve Me; and perform the prayer of My remeberance". Qur'an 20:14

fajr: morning prayer
zuhr: early afternoon
Asr: late afternoon
Maghrib: just after sunset
Isha: night prayer

Must perform WUDU before praying. (washing). Muslims must say "In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful ".
1) wash hands 2) mouth rinsed 3 times 3)water snuffed into nose and out 3 times. (4) face washed 3 times. (5) arms - right then left- wrist to elbow three times. (6) wet hands over head, neck, ears inside and out. (7)feet - right then left- up to ankle.

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Ths rok laik hel.

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