Ionisation Energies

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Ionisation Energies

The first ionisation energy is the energy required to remove one electron from each atom in one mole of atoms to form one mole of gaseous 1+ ions.

The second ionisation energy refers to the removal of the next mole of electrons from the mole of gaseous 1+ ions.

Influencing factors:                                                                                                                                           Nuclear charge       Atomic radius       Electron shielding

Ionisation energy DECREASES down a group.

Ionisation energy INCREASES across a period.

*Decreases - down                                                                                             *Increases - across

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THANK YOU. This has been made so simple so I can finally understand Ionisation Energies!



X(g)    ------>   X1+ (g)    +     1e-

(g)= gaseous

this is the equation... if you're on AQA they sometimes ask for the equation!



The above can be described as the energy required to remove 1 mol of electron from 1 mol of gaseous atoms

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