International Trade


Reasons why countries trade with each other

Obtaining goods that can't be produced domestically

  • Because they lack the natural resources that enable such production

Obtaining goods that can be bought more cheaply from overseas

  • Countries producing goods more efficiently than others

Selling off unwanted commodities

  • Having so much of a resource they couldn't use it all themselves
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Lower Prices and Increased choice for consumers

Lower Input Prices

  • By international trade, countries can obtain essential inputs at a lower cost

Wider Markets for Business

  • If countries are free to specialise and trade, firms will be selling to larger markets
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Competition for domestic businesses

  • If imports are good in quality and better priced, domestic producers will struggle


  • When domestic industries are threatened, threat of employment
  • If a country is too dependent on a narrow range of goods, demand patterns can cause it to suffer
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