Internal influences on workforce plan


Corporate objectives

A growth objective could mean that direct labour recruitment is increased

Earning higher returns for shareholders might be achieved by delayering, causing an increase in managerial redundancies

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Production objectives

The development of TQM would involve training in team-working

The introduction of new technology could lead to new skill requirements or the loss of low skilled jobs

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Marketing objectives

The development of new markets overseas could lead to redeployment and the recruitment of a local sales force

The introduction of innovative new goods and services to the product portfolio would have implications for retraining, as existing knowledge and skills may no longer be sufficient

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Many organisations are unwilling to pay for the training and development costs associated with "soft" HR management

Redundancy proposals may prove to be too expensive even for large organisations. The financial position of a business and whether they take a short term or long term view of planning will influence the availability of funding for a workforce plan

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