Individual differences

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Individual differences

BRIEF SUMMARY- Social psychology looks at how people change and develop over time. Human development is the interaction and influence of both nature and nurture. 

Principles of the Individual Differences Area- 1. Individuals differ in their behaviour & personal qualities so no-one is average 2. Everyone is genetically unique and this uniqueness is displayed through their behaviour. So everyone behaves differently. 3. All behaviour can be measured.

Strengths 1. Allows psychologists to learn more about human behaviours because all behaviours are studied. 2. Allows psychologists to measure differences between individuals in qualities such as personality, intelligence, memory etc. 3. Studies are often high in ecological validity as they often take place in real life environments.4.Allows both qualitative and quantitative data to be gathered.

 Weaknesses 1. Research Methods used may not be objective, so open to bias lowering the external validity 2. It creates divisions between people because some are seen as ‘different’. 3. It is difficult to define and measure things such as personality, intelligence etc. 4. Ethics – protection from psychological harm (being called different)

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