Impact of war Question preparation

Breakdown of what to do in each question for History - Impact of war

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Question 1 - Inference

This question is about making inferences from one source.

Spend about 9 MINUTES

Make atleast 2 inferences - use evidence from the source to back up your points

In this question don't forget to make your inferences clear - say:
"From... I can infer that..."

  • What is the source suggesting?
  • What is the source's attitude/tone? Is it happy? Sarcastic? Supportive?
  • What evidence supports this?

To achieve highest level (4-6 marks):

"Makes atleast two inferences that are supported with evidence from the source" 

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Question 2 - Analysis

This question will be about the source itself and not the topic.

Spend around 12 MINUTES 

  • What did the author want to achieve?
  • How does the source accomplish..?
  • How does the author get his message across?

The answering of this question requires two things:

Awareness that the sources were created with a purpose
Analysis of the details of the source 

You need to find out: Origin, Nature and Purpose of the source

To achieve highest level (6-8 marks):
"An analysis of the details/content of the source is used to explain the message/purpose.

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Question 3 - Multi Sources

In this question you must cross reference three sources.
You must use this to make a comparison, how they contrast, conflict and agree. 

Spend around 15 MINUTES

Your answer should be composed in paragraphs as follows:

  • How far do the sources agree?
  • How far do they differ?
  • Small final judgement/conclusion.

You must also consider the reliability, or the provenance of the sources.
How does the credibility of the sources affect their judgement? 

To achieve highest level (7-10):
"Cross reference the sources using the content, to assess, support and challenge, and therefore the extent of support." 

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Question 4 - Most useful/valuable source

In this question you must assess the credibility of two sources.

Spend around 15 MINUTES

  • How useful is the source? How well can it contribute to the historian's understanding of the question?
  • How valuable is the source? What does the source show about a certain topic? Does it capture the attitude of the time?

Your answer should be constructed as:

  • Positive parts about the both sources
  • Negative parts about both sources
  • Conclusion - Which one is the most useful? Why? 

To achieve highest level (7-10 marks):
"Judgement based on usefulness of the information contained in the sources and the nature and purpose of these sources." 

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Question 5 - The big cheese

 - you WILL need to use your own knowledge
 - you WILL need to use sources to back you up
 - you CAN use other sources to back you up

Spend around 25 MINUTES 

Construct answer as:

  • How you agree: -- Information from yourself, backed up by sources.
                             -- Information from sources, with evidence
  • How you disagree: -- Information from yourself, backed up by sources.       -- Information from sources, with evidence.
  • The Final Conclusion -- Your opinion

Don't forget to include provenance/reliability of sources 

 High level answer: "Evidence for and against explored. Own knowledge and source evidence precisely selected. Credibility of source explored." 

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