ICT Systems and Components


What is ICT

ICT stand for information communcation technology. 

Uses o technology for the input storage processing or date and the out put of information 

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What is a system?

a sysyem invlove input process and output 

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what is an ICT systems

„A system is a way of doing something, so an ICT system is a way of doing something using ICT.

„An ICT system consists of data, information, software and hardware. 

An example of an ICT system could be:

  • „Payroll system
  • „Stock control system „
  • Order processing system

„Taking a payroll system – where the input would be the hours worked, the processing would be calculating the  pay by multiplying the hours worked by the hourly rate and the output would be the wage slip.

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what are the components of an ITC system


are need to supply the date to ICT system 


raw marerial of any ITC system which is then processed by  the sysytem 


dertmeine what need to done and when it need to be done 


this are the computer prorgram 


physcla componet that make up an ICT sytem. any think in coumputer you tocuh 


the result afert the date  has been procseed informtion  in the output  from an ICT stems 

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