Human Communication


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Is the most obvious form of human communication which can be spoken, written or signed. It is used to convey information on past events, emotions and complex ideas.

Language is intentional; we only use it when we consciously mean to. 

It is also symbolic and can be used to represent ideas.

Volume and tone indicate our emotions.

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Non-verbal Communication

The intentional types of non-verbal communication are different around the world. For example; in Britain we indicate 'no' by shaking out heads. In Greece they jerk their heads backwards.

Unconscious facial expressions are the same for everyone. We all smile when we're happy, cry when we're sad and screw our faces up in disgust. These are really useful for telling others how we feel about things.

Unconscious body language is also used to convery our feelings. Standing with your hands on your hips may indicate aggression. Avoiding eye contact may indicate shyness or deception.

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