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Why is it beneficial?

It can help keep the group together.

If an animal sees a predator, it can warn the others.

Communication of mood avoids unnecessary fighting.

Baby animals communicate their needs to their parents.

Allow predators hunting in a pack to coordinate their attack. 

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Sound Communication

Is pretty common in nature, which occurs in humans too.

Whales communicate over long distances with low frequency sound. 

Bird calls are used to declare territory or attract a mate. 

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Pheromones are released by animals to tell others where it is.

Animals use chemical 'scents' to mark boundaries of their territory.

Others are used as sexual attractants. In moths pheromones are released by the female, and can be detected from several kilometres by the male.

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Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are species specific.

Anthropomorphism is applying human characteristics to an animal.

For example; a chimpanzee may look as though it's smiling. but in their species it really shows fear.

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