Human Relationships

Human relationships- Key Words

Adultery= married person have sex with another person.

Annulment= declaring marriage void. 

Celibacy= not having sex with the person you love.

Civil partnership= legal ceremony of equal rights in law for same sex couple. 

Contraception= something that stops pregnancy. 

Divorce= legal action to end marriage.

Fornication= Sexual act by ppl not married.

Marriage= couple joined legally. 

Roles= job or responsibilities. 

Sacrament= inner grace.

Sexual relationships= Christian belief not have sex before marriage. 

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Human relationships- Roles

Men + woman in family= 

Male= provide for family, work. Female= look after children, housewife. 

Christian traditional= Males more important God created Adam first, Eve as companion, Eve let sin into world-below Adam, 'The husband is the head of the wife'.

Modern view= women and men are equal 'God does not show favouritism', Bible was written in male dominated society, both made in the 'image of God'. 

Cathilics= Women not Preists- symbolisises Jesus and apostles, Eve first to sin-weaker than men, 'Women should be silent in church'.

Protestants= yay women priests, Jesus had women followers, Jesus first appeared to women after resurrection, 'We are all equal in the eyes of God'. 

Ordination of women!!

But women Bishops?? 

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Human relationships- Marriage

Marraige important... is uniting of couple as 'one flesh'= Adam had companion-Eve, no-one should come between married couple 'let no man separate'. 

PRO-CREATION= 'bless this couple with gift of children'

UNION= 'one flesh'

RAISING CHILDREN= 'Bless this couple with gift of children'


ONE FLESH= sexual intimacy. 'All that I have I give to you'

SACRED= 'Blessing of God'

ETERNAL= lifelong relationship- 'till death do us part' 

Marriage ceremony= Church- in God's presence, vows 'in sicknes and in health', ring is symobl of eternal love, white dress-symbol of innocence. 

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Human relationships- Civil partnership and sexual

Catholics= against 'Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman', old testament say it is punishable by death, homosexual will not go to heavan, Adam and eve= M + F.

Other christians= agree, God is omnibenevolent, 'God does not show favouritism'. 

No sex before marriage= casual sex is disrespecting body- 'body is temple of the holy spirit', God married and 'blessed' Adam and Eve before telling them 'to go forth and multiply', lust is seven deadly sins. 

Adultery= 'do not commit adultery'. Moving in with person is ok. 

Contraception= implant, condom, pill, sterilisation, rhythm method, withdrawal, abstinence= not having sex. 

abstinence= not having sex. Chastity= not having sex due to religion. Promiscuity=casual sexual relationship. Cohabitation=living together as a couple but not married. 

Roman catholics against= encourages casual sex, sex is to have children, goes against God's plan.

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Human relationships- Divorce and remarriage.

Why? Not in love anymore, abusive, adultery, desertion. 

Against= 'God hates divorce', breaks vows, 'a man must not divorce his wife', marriage is sacred do not break, they can live apart from each other, breaks up family, have annulment instead.

For= if commited adultery, abusive, should be last resort. 


For= everyone makes mistakes, God is forgiving, God is omnibenevolent, 

Against= Jesus against 'let no man seperate',if you remarry while partner still alive this is adultery, vows broken.

Vocation= Some christians believe that you should put God first, so do not marry or have children. e.g. monk, or nun. 

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