Human impact & management of slopes

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How do humans make slopes less stable?

Traffic - causes vibrations

Deforestation - decreases cohesion coherence & increases water

Building on slopes - increase weight

Afforestation - increase weight

Road construction - can undercut slopes

Quarrying & mining - decreases cohesion coherence & increase vibrations

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The natural forces that make slopes less stable




Natural decay of roots


Fire destroying vegetation

Heavy snow

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Ways humans manage slopes & make them more stable

Netting - stops downward movement of material

Pinning - large metal nails fired into slopes to hold them together

Grading of slopes - making slopes more gentle & vegetating them

Drainage pipes - to remove excess water from slopes

Take down buildings on slopes - decrease weight

Afforestation & planting vegetation - increases stability & decreases water content

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Problems with management attempts

LICs may lack wealth & technology - to do these methods sustainably

Time - growing forests takes time

Severe conditions - e.g. severe flooding earthquakes can overwhelm management attempts

Afforestation adds weight to slopes therefore more likely slopes fail

Weathering & erosion rates may increase therefore management fails

Poorly constructed management methods

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