How is ethnic identity encouraged through the 6 agents of socialisation

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Ghumman found out common ways Asian children are brought up

       Obedient, loyal and respectful of elders

       Accept arranged marriage arranged by their parents

       Respect religion, especially Muslims

       Respect the mother tongue and are usually bilingual

       Respect and duty for the elderly and extended kin

Reynolds found;

·         African-Caribbean life in the UK gives young people a strong identity.  Collective and individual African-Caribbean pride is achieved by regularly keeping contact with family in the Caribbean. The ties re-enforced the identity in young people

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·         Studies show academic success is important to Indian and Chinese children

·         Ethnic identities can be undermined by the hidden curriculum – history is ethnocentric

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·         Faith schools promote a narrow-minded ethnic identity

·         Islam has created a strong ethnic identity for young Pakistani and Bangladeshi youth

·         Jacobson: Some young Pakistanis see being Muslim as more important than being Pakistani or British

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The peer group

·         Sewell: Cultural comfort zone is why some young black boys get involved with gang culture:

1.    Black boys have to deal with a dominant white, middle class culture with a low expectation of black boys

2.    Black boys are often anxious about how their peers perceive them more than their parents (because they usually come from one-parent families) and behaviour that is usually encouraged is non-academic

3.    The cultural comfort zone helps to preserve and develop their ethnic identity in a white majority environment such as developing street language white teachers can’t understand

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The media

·         People who have little to no experience of living alongside ethnic minorities look to the media for information about them. If that coverage is negative, racist stereotypes usually develop.

·         Van Dijk: Analysed tens of thousands of news items and found new items usually represent people as criminals, threats to the country, asylum seekers who subscribe to ‘abnormal’ beliefs

·         Best and Kellner: Rap music gives young black people a way to express anger about racism, police harassment and economic deprivation

Parker and Song: New media is used by ethnic minorities to preserve culture e.g. arranged marriage websites

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The workplace

·         A disproportionate number of Africans, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis are in low-paying jobs

·         Hudson: Low-payed ethnic minority workers face a range of discriminatory barriers which stop them from improving their position. They often face bullying and harassment from management or fellow white workers.

·         Rao and Stevenson: Ethnic minorities felt they must work harder and longer than their white colleagues to be considered for promotion

·         Unemployment levels are disproportionately high for ethnic minorities


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