basics on hormones

Hormone System

The hormone system also co-ordinates the body. Hormones are chemical messages carried in the blood plasma. Hormones affect our rate of metabolism growth, and sexual developement. The pituitary is a gland at the base of the brain that controls other hormone glands.

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Hormones are Chemical messengers sent in the blood

Homones are chemicals released directly into the blood. They're carried in the blood plasma to the other parts of the body, but only affect particular cells (called target cells) in particular places. Hormones control things in organs and cells that need constant adjustment.

Hormones are produced in various glands. They travel through your body at the speed of blood.

Hormones tend to have relatively long lasting effects.

Hormones - are chemical messengers which travel in the blood to activate target cells

The PituaryGland - This produces many important hormones including LH, FSH and ADH - controls water content.

Pancreas - produces insulin for the control of blood sugar.

Ovaries - females only produce oestrogen, which controls the menstrual cycle and promotes all female secondary sexual characteristics during puberty

Testes - males only produce testosterone, which promotes all male secondary sexual characteristics at puberty.

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