Holderness Coastline

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Location& Natural Features

On the NE coast of U.K, facing the North Sea

Flambrough, Bridlington, Hornsea and Mappleton are some of the places along the coast.

Natural Features:

  • Longshore Drift
  • Caves
  • Arches
  • Stacks
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Causes& Defences

Erosion is caused by..

Strong prevailing winds= longshore drift

Cliffs are made from clay, erodes quicker when saturated.


  • £2 million scheme
  • Rock armour
  • Groynes
  • Revetments
  • Sea walls
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Effects in Mappleton:

Groynes stopped LSD, encouraged sediment transportation

SW, stopped waves breaking directly at base of cliff

Effects on two groups of people:

Residents- houses are safer, however tax has increased

Businesses- farmers have lost land

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