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terminology used in modern history to describe different types of government

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 A system of running a country in which a single dictator or single body has total control of the lives of all it's citizens, with no opposition allowed.

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A system in which the country is ruled by a dictator or by a very authoritarian government.

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Term generally used to describe the system in which major industries and businesses are run by the state, but private enterprise also exists in many sectors.

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This is the political belief that all people are equal and that workers should control all the means of producing things.

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A referendum or direct vote on one issue by the population of a country or region.

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The system in which privately owned businesses are allowed and run for profit.

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THe desire of political independence by people who have the same language, religion or culture. It is often associated with the belief that a particular nation is better than any others are.

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A cease-fire in fighting but no concluding peace has yet been agreed.

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The policy of withdrawing from international politcs and only dealing with internal affairs and domestic policies.

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The practice by which a powerful country controls less powerful countries and uses their resources to increase its own wealth and power.

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A system of government in which the people are able to choose by election those who should govern.

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Describes the belief in individual liberty. In terms of a state this means there is an elected parliament, political opposition, constitution, and formal protection for key individual rights.

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A system in which one person has complete authority and consults no one.

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