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Hitler's racial views

He published them in Mein Kampf, 1925

-hierarchy of races; Aryan race-superior/master race

                                Lebensunwertes (unworthy of life)- Jews and gypsies

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Jew persecution in 1933

July 1933- Nazis came into power as only political party, passed laws against Jews 

-Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses

-banned from government jobs 

-banned from inheriting land 

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Jew persecution in 1935

1935- persecution increased, more laws passed agaisnt Jews

-banned from the army

-banned from restaurants 

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Nuremberg laws

15th September 1935- The Nuremberg laws 

-Jews could not be German citizens

-lost their right to vote

-couldnt marry German citizens 

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Jew persecution in 1938

1938- restrictions increased even more 

-Jewish dentists, doctors and lawyers couldnt work for Aryan Germans 

-had to wear identity cards

-had to register all possessions (easier for government to confiscate)

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7-10th November 1938- Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass)

7th- Polish Jew shot German in Paris, he hated the Germans and how they treated Jews

9th- German died, wave of anger in Germany, Hitler said if they retaliated the government would not stop it, led to storm of attacks on Jews especially from the ** and SA

10th- gangs smashed Jewish property and attacked Jews, at least 100 killed

Long-term effects;

Goebbels blamed Jews and fined them for the damage, banned them from running businesses and banned them from schools and universities

**/SA rounded up Jews as punishment and sent to concentration camps 

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Jew persecution in 1939

1939- persecution increased even more, wanted to rid all Jews from Germany 

January 1939- set up organisation to rid Germany of all Jews, progress was slow

April 1939- Jews evicted from their homes, forced into ghettos, waited to be deported

Ghettos; particular areas of cities, walled/fenced off, small and cramped, little hygiene 

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