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Hitler's racial views

He published them in Mein Kampf, 1925

-hierarchy of races; Aryan race-superior/master race

                                Lebensunwertes (unworthy of life)- Jews and gypsies

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Jew persecution in 1933

July 1933- Nazis came into power as only political party, passed laws against Jews 

-Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses

-banned from government jobs 

-banned from inheriting land 

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Jew persecution in 1935

1935- persecution increased, more laws passed agaisnt Jews

-banned from the army

-banned from restaurants 

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Nuremberg laws

15th September 1935- The Nuremberg laws 

-Jews could not be German citizens

-lost their right to vote

-couldnt marry German citizens 

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Jew persecution in 1938

1938- restrictions increased even more 

-Jewish dentists, doctors and lawyers couldnt work for Aryan Germans 

-had to wear identity cards

-had to register all possessions (easier for government to confiscate)

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7-10th November 1938- Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass)

7th- Polish Jew shot German in Paris, he hated the Germans and how they treated Jews

9th- German died, wave of anger in Germany, Hitler said if they retaliated the government would not stop it, led to storm of attacks on Jews especially from the SS and SA

10th- gangs smashed Jewish property and attacked Jews, at least 100 killed

Long-term effects;

Goebbels blamed Jews and fined them for the damage, banned them from running businesses and banned them from schools and universities

SS/SA rounded up Jews as punishment and sent to concentration camps 

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Jew persecution in 1939

1939- persecution increased even more, wanted to rid all Jews from Germany 

January 1939- set up organisation to rid Germany of all Jews, progress was slow

April 1939- Jews evicted from their homes, forced into ghettos, waited to be deported

Ghettos; particular areas of cities, walled/fenced off, small and cramped, little hygiene 

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