Henry VII consolidation of authority

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Threats and oppertunites


  • pretenderds to the throne- claimed to the yorkist princes
  • de la poles still had a clim through richard III
  • opponents who had supported richard III ( Lovell rebellion)


  • married elizabeth of york - by waiting to marry he proved that crown hadn't been bought by wifes claim to the throne ( royal properganda)- tudor rose
  • the birth of prince Arthur (1486) - had an heir to contuie tufor dynasty
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  • pre dated his reign to before the battle of bosworth- yorkist supportors could now be treated and prosocuted for being tratiors
  • publicy awarded supportors-11 knighthoods
  • held his coronation before first session of parliment- showed that his claim to the throne was stong as it was not sanctioned by parliment ( herediatary)
  • made key appointments to his council and househole( sir william stanley-chamberlin of household)
  • had backing from france and wales
  • parliment granted him revenue for tonaged and poundage for life
  • detained edward VII nefew ( earl of warick) due to him have a stonger claim
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  • weak claim to throne- his claim to the throne comes from his mothers side(margret beaufort)
  • won position of king through battle
  • weak international relations ( margret of burgundy- important trading company)
  • other potential claiments to the throne/ threatens henrys position- earl of warick and lincon
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