Health and Safety in Care Settings

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Health and Safety at Work 1974

Employer's must:

  • ensure the health and safety of their employee's
  • provide and mintain equipment and work systems which ared safe
  • deal with substances such as chemicals safely
  • provide a written health&safety policy statement when imploying 5+ people
  • provide info and training to enable employee's  to carry out work safely
  • ensure visitors and memebers of the public are not put at unnecessary risk

Employee's must:

  • take care of their own health and safety at work
  • take care of the health and saftey of others
  • co-operate with their employer
  • not misuse/interfere with anything provided for health&safety purposes

Employer and Employee's must work together to safeguard the health and safety of anyone visiting or working on the premises. It's designed to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace and make the workplace safer for everyone. Act includes service users, so employeers should assess the vulnerability and competence of each service user on a regular basis.

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