• Different Lengths
  • Lack of rhyming scheme (a few half rhymes)
  • Starts in the past, ends in the present


  • Colloquial language used, creates informal, friendly tone
  • "bundled off to the skip" "sold for a song"
  • Puns and lexical choices associated with music
  • "still struck a chord" etc.
  • Ironic humour
  • Words associated with death
  • "too starved of breath" "laid on it's back" "dead weight"
  • Personification of the harmonium
  • "the fingernails of its keys" "lost its tongue"
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  • Metaphors and similies- choir
  • "openened their throats and guilded finches...had streamed out"
  • "had lost its tongue"
  • "pedalled and pedalled" - repetition of both playing an instrument and of time passing
  • Harmonium given human qualities- like a member of the church
  • The speaker uses parallelism- how a son takes the place of his father as time passes
  • Father ages:
  • "the next box I'll shoulder through this nave"


  • Love
  • Aging
  • Family
  • Regret
  • Cyclical nature of life
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