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- Halogenoalkanes are formed when a hydrocarbon has one or more hydrogen atoms substituted for halogen atoms.

- Halogenoalkanes may be hydrolysed to form Alcohols using hot sodium hydroxide solution.

-The OH ions acts as a Nucleophile when reacting with a halogenoalkane.Anucleophile is a lone pair electron donor.

-The C-I bond is weaker than the C-Br and C-Cl bond,and so its breaks faster when attacked by nucleophiles.

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-Chloroethene and Tetrafluoroethene are used to make the polymers PVC and PTFE(Teflon) respectively.

-CFCs were manufactured for use in aerosols and refrigerants because of their low reactivity and high volatility.

-CFCs have caused the ozone layer to break down,leading to an increased intensity in damaging UV radiation on Earth.

-Biodegradable CFCs and HCFCs are now used as alternative to CFCs.

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