Group 2 - Alkaline Metals

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Atomic radius and Ionisation energy

As yo go down the group , the atomic radius gets bigger, due to an increase in extra electron shells

Ionisation energy

Group 2 atoms can lose up to 2+ electrons

Ionisation energy decreses as you go down group 2. This is becasue as you move down each element has an extra electron shell compared to the one above therefore extra inner shellls sheild outer electrons. Also elsctron are further away from nucleus hence reduces nucleus attraction. This makes it easier to remove electrons.

positive charge of the nucleus inceases as you go down the group but the effect is overridden by the extra shells

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When group 2 metals lose elctrons, forming ions, the easier it is is lose electrons, the more reactive rge element so reactivity decreas down the group.

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melting point

Decreases down the group

have metallic strictures, with electrons of their outer shell being de localised. As the delocalised elcctrons get further away there is less attaction with positive ions hence less energy needed to break bonds

There is a blip at magnesium due the the crystal structure always changing.


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