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Physical Properties
· Why are group 2 metals called alkaline metals?
· Because their oxides and hydroxides are alkaline
· Electron Arrangement
· 2 electrons on the outer shell in s orbital
· Size of the atoms
· Get bigger down the group as the metallic radii increase because each element has an extra shell
· Melting Point
· Decreases down the group because the electrons in the sea of delocalised electrons are further away
from the positive nuclei so the metallic bond strength decreases
· Ionisation Energy
· In all group 2 reactions, they lose their two outer electrons to form an ion with a 2+ charge.
· The first plus the second ionisation energy is the amount of energy needed for complete ionisation
· 1st and 2nd ionisation energies decrease down the group because there is more shielding and the
electrons are further from the nucleus.
· More reactive down the group…read more

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All group 2 metals are oxidised!!!!…read more

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Reaction with water…read more

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Solubility of the Hydroxides…read more

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Solubility of the Sulphates…read more


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