Graphs. Translation, Stretches, Reflection

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f(ax) - Stretch parrallel to x-axis by a scale factor 1/a

af(x) - Strech parrallel to y-axis by a scale factor of

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-f(x) - reflection in x-axis

 f(-x) - reflection in y-axis

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Translation - up/down

f(x)+a -  translation of a units parallel to the y-axis (moves up)

f(x)-a - Translation of -a unit parallel to the y-axis (moves down)

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Translation - left/right

f(x+a) - Translation of -a units parallel to the y-axis (moves left)

f(x-a) - Translation of +a units parallel to the x-axis (moves right)

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A clear summary of reflection, stretch, and translation of functions.  Pictures illustrating each transformation could be used to enhance these statements.

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