Good And Evil

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  • Influences people to behave in a good way
  • Resides in heaven
  • Root of everything good
  • Judges us on what we do during our lives
  • Loves each of us
  • Gave Jesus to die for humanity's sins
  • Satan defeated by Jesus's death but still able to tempt people away from God
  • God gave us free will
  • Good is more powerful than evil
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Satan/The Devil

  • Root of evil
  • Influences people to stray from God and behave ina bad way
  • Lives in hell
  • Is often said to posess people or places
  • Stereotypical image= red horns, tail, fork
  • Once once an archangel called Lucifer, got jealous of God and fell to hell. "Fallen angel"
  • During the Bible Satan is often seen to try to persuade people to go against God's wishes
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The Fall

  • Eve was tempted by the Devil in the form of a serpant to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
  • Adam and Eve ate from tree= ORIGINAL SIN
  • Original Sin brough evil into the world
  • This sin is inherited by each of us and can only be erased through baptism
  • God gave us free will, and therefore couldn't prevent Adam and Eve's decision to eat from the tree
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How Christians tell Right from Wrong

  • Upbringing- the way in which their family/parents behave shows them how they should behave, especially ina Christian environment
  • Conscience- a sense of guilt when you have done something wrong, a sense of what is morally right/wrong
  • The Bible- the parables, the ten commandments, Jesus' example to us...
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Natural and Moral Evil


  • Natural disasters eg hurricanes, floods
  • Not engineered by humans


  • Result of someone's action
  • eg bullying

Some examples of evil or suffering do not fit neatly into one category

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Jesus and Suffering

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