Causes, symptoms, transmission and treatment of Gonorrhoea                                                                                 

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Causes and transmission


  • bacterium neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • cases have increased bt 46% between 1997-2006 in the UK


  • sexual intercourse (unprotected)
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About half of all women infected with gonorrhoea and over 90% of men experience the following symptoms:

  • can affect the g e n i t a l s, a n u s, r e c t u m and throat including symptoms such as: a thin watery discharge from the v a g i n a or tip of the p e n i s that can appear yellow or green
  • pain when urinating
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If you delay treatment, you risk the infection causing complications and more serious health problems

  • treated with a single dose of antibiotics
  • treatment is atleast 95% effective
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