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A few cards to help remeber some of the harder German Jobs.

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The Higher Level Jobs for A - A*.

Buchhalter - accountant , sounds like it should be a librarian but its not. Its a masculine word , so if you wanted to say you were a female accountant int would be - Buchhalterin.

Schriftsteller - Writer / Author. A masculine word so if you wanted to say a female Writer / Author then it would be - Schriftstellerin.

Berufsberater - Careers Adviser. Another masculine word , so again you add the 'in' bit to the end if you are a female to make the word - Berufsberaterin.

Freiwillige - Voulenteer , this is both masculine and feminine so you do not need to change this word. It works for both male and females.

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More A - A* Words for Jobs. German.

Landwirt - Farmer. This is a masculine word so to make it female put 'in' at the end to make - Landwirtin.

Rechtsanwalt - Lawyer. Another masculine word , so for it too be a female word - Rechtsanwaltin.

Auszubildende - this is a masculine and feminine word so you dont need too change it.

Einzelhandler - Trades man. This is a masculine word so again to make it female add the 'in' to the end to make - Einzelhandlerin. Also there should be an umlaut over the a in both of these words - Einzelhandler and Einzelhandlerin.

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Bethany Cunningham


Thanks very much. These are great. :D



Good vocab but you didn't write what Auszubildende was...

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