Gerald Croft - Key Quotes

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Gerald Croft - Key Quotes

"You couldn't have done anything else"

- When referring to Mr Birling sacking Eva Smith

- He agrees with Mr Birling's views - he too does not care about the lower class (however this could be argued when he shows affection towards Daisy Renton)

- The audience will see Gerald as a selfish member of the upper class

"I don't come into this suicide business"

- Gerald tries to clear himself from the investigation, knowing that he has done wrong - does not accept responsibility (typical of the upper class)

- "business" has connotations of money making making and transactions - he does not see the case as the of the death of a person - shows the upper class's self orientation

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Gerald Croft - Key Quotes

"Everything's alright now Sheila"

- Gerald has not learnt anything by the end of the play - typical stubborn behaviour of the upper class - also seen through the older Birlings

- Believes that he's done nothing wrong - proceeds to ask Sheila about the ring

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