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what is urbanisation?

the percentage increase of people living in cities and towns

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what causes urbanisation?

  • people moving from rural to urban areas.
  • when industrialization occurred
  • to get jobs in the rapidly expanding industries
  • push factors
  • pull factors
  • natural increase- when birth rates are higher then death rates
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millionnaire cities

what is an millionaire city?
a city that has more than 1 million inhabitants

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urban problems in MEDCs

  • traffic
  • car ownership
  • commuting
  • congestion
  • pollution
  • derelict buildings
  • high unemployment
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solutions to congestion/traffic

  • park and ride schemes
  • cycle lanes
  • congestion charging schemes
  • car-pooling
  • low emission areas
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urban problems in LEDCs

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what is migration?
is the movement of people from one place to another

what are the types of migration
permanent, temporary, voluntary, forced

international , internal

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