Geography Natural Hazards Case Studies

Natural Hazard Case Studies

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A Hurricane in an MEDC

New Orleans - Katrina - 29/08/2005

Immediate responces

The Major evacuated 80% of the people, the majority of the 20% which stayed drowned (1200 people).

Camps were set up to help surviors of the storm, and to refuge from the heat.

First aid came after ONE WEEK which many considered an outrage.

Long term responces

The Governement spent $50b to aid the revovery programme .however they were considered to be late and slow in their responce.

They also gave 1m army ready meals.


Half the city submerged by sea surges - Wasnt enough food to go around - Looting became a huge problem - 1m people became homeless - Offshore oil services were destroyed which effected the world.

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A Hurricane in an LEDC

Cancun, Mexico - Wilma - October, 05

Immediate responces

Emergency aid centres set up in the community area

Gas and Electricty serivices were fixed by emergency services.

Long Term responces

Military command centre was set up to stop the looting and help locals who were stranded.

Aid centre were opened to help the inhured recover to full health.


Hotels and Homes were destroyed by surging winds - Power lines brought down - Shops looted - Over 10,000 British tourists were stranded - 6m people were left without electricity - Caused 30 less deaths than Katrina due to sea surges - Mexicos $11m Dollar tourism iundustry damaged.

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A Volcanic eruption in an LEDC

Montserrat - July 1995

Immediate responces

Volcano warning systems set up.

UK Government sent £7m of emergency aid inc. temporary buildings.

Red Cross set up temp. schools.

UK and USA Governments set evacuation boats, and troops.

Loong Term reponces

10 years on, the south of the island is still closed from monitoring scientists.

People moved back in 2005 bringing the population back up to 8000.

Red Cross built a nursing home.

£122.8m of aid sent by UK Government.

Vegetation growing in th south of the island.


Rivers covered in ash and lava.

Pyroplastic flows run down the side of the volcano.

Fires caused the death of 19 people.

Lahars and Rivers were boiling.

2/3 of homes and 3/4 of infastructure were lost.

Population is low, and tourism is also low.

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An Earthquake in an MEDC

Los Angeles, America - 7/01/1994 - 4:31am

Measurement on the richter scale: 6.7

Length of Earthquake: 15 Seconds

Immediate responces

Government compensated home owners

Electricity was resored within hours.

Food was handed our from sports arenas.

Long Term responces

80,000 new housing units were built

Most people handed first aid kits and Earthquake kits.

LA recovery was set up in 1994.


Broken gas and mains pipes caught on fire - Cars blew up - 9 bridges collapsed - Places were lifted 50cm higher - 22,000 left homeless - 57 people died - 12,500 buildings were damaged.

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An Earthquake in an LEDC

Kashmir, India - 8/10/05/- 8:40am

Measurement on the richter scale: 7.6

Length of Earthquake: 60 Seconds

Immediate responces

Locals trying to rescue the trapped.

Red Cross donated 21,500 blankets, 300 kitchen sets and medical supplies.

Heliciopters transported the injured.

Long Term responces

Red Cross created water systems.

Temporary housing sent.

Schools rebuilt and resupplied.

Teachers trained.

Sanitation created for the temporary housing.


Buildings collapsed - Roads cracked - Bridges fell over - 79,000 people were killed - 100,000 people were injured - 3.3m homes destroyed - fired caused by gas pipes - Disease caused by unburied bodies - Sewage pipes leaked - Electericity lines down.

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